Online Yoga Retreat

This virtual retreat combines the best of cooking, yoga, and meditations classes to bring healthy living and friendship into your home. Included are live and pre-recorded elements that can be scheduled around your working day as well as recipes to support the mind, body, and budget.


  • 3 online group sessions / chats

  • 3 online meditation sessions

  • WhatsApp group chat to share retreat experiences

  • Online sessions will be held over Zoom

  • Timezone of the host: Bali,Indonesia (GMT +8)

  • Delicious recipes sent via email

  • The retreats run twice a week, every other week in April and May

How the retreat works

Give yourself enough time between booking and the start date to buy your cooking ingredients. Please book your space 48 hours in advance of the start date so that Firefly resort can give you prior notice to buy the food.

Firefly resort will create a WhatsApp group for everyone on the retreat to share their experiences of the retreat. If you would prefer not to be included then let Us know

All of income from this retreat will go to feed locals during the quarantine days


Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


schedule(bali time):

day 1:

15:00 introducing and sharing stories(30 minutes)

15:30 yin yoga session with raldo(one hour)

16:30 meditation(30 minutes)

17:00 cooking class and learning about benefits of ingredients



15:00 online hatha yoga(one hour)

16:00 meditation(30 minutes)

16:30 yoga chat(45 minutes)

17:30 loss weight formula cooking class



15:00 online vinyasa flow(one hour)

16:00 meditation(30 minutes)

16:30 free talk(45 minutes)

17:30 learning about indonesian fruits benefits and making fruit salad

18:30 goodbye talk

Tools required

  • Ideally get hold of a yoga mat and some blocks for the yoga - if you don’t have one then you can improvise with a towel and books

  • A computer or phone with a reliable internet connection to join the live stream classes (using Google Hangout)

  • You will need to buy a shopping list of foods to prepare for the cooking lessons on the retreat